Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome Back, Jim Edwards!

I was always a big fan of Jim Edwards' work at BrandweekNRX. While I also enjoyed Peter Rost's writings at the aforementioned blog, the blogosphere certainly took a hit without Jim's insightful writings. The good news: Jim is back! His blog can be read at: http://jimedwardsnrx.wordpress.com. I was flattered that he picked up my piece on the sexual side effects of SSRIs for one of his first posts upon his return.

While Jim's return is a welcome addition to the world of healthcare blogging, the mysterious disappearance of the funniest pharma parody site of all time, Pharma Giles, is still a mystery...

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therapyfirst said...


I read your blog, but you took too long a break, so get back into a routine and hopefully others will return.

"if you write it, they will respond."

Field of Reams (poor pun)