Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SSRI Doesn't Work? Try Zyprexa

...So said Lilly sales reps who pushed the drug in Alaska. I did a little reading on the topic from the new Zyprexa document set from the recent Alaska case, but was scooped by Furious Seasons, where it was written that:
Lilly was using cases of patients--apparently with bipolar disorder, likely type 2--who ran into problems on SSRIs such as agitation to create a scenario for selling doctors on using Zyprexa in these patients.
Snippets from sales call notes are then added to strongly support this assertion. Well worth a read. Especially the clincher that involves the old-fashioned trick of bribing docs with candy to get them to write Zyprexa scripts. If I get a little spare time, I hope to wrangle through the new Zyprexa docs and spread the word about whatever horrors lie therein.

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