Friday, October 03, 2008

Uh-Oh Chuck, They Out To Get You, Man

According to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, it looks like Charlie "Bling Bling" Nemeroff is under investigation by Senator Charles Grassley. Gee, I can't imagine why. Maybe because documents indicated that he failed to report over a million dollars of income received from the drug industry? It also turns out that the Chuckster made nearly $3 million in consulting deals with pharma from 2000-2007. That doesn't mean that his behavior was ever influenced by such huge sums of cash, right? Oh, wait just a minute...

...It turns out that there were several incidences of unbecoming behavior involving Bling Bling, I mean, the esteemed Dr. Nemeroff. Who could forget the time that he conveyed what appears to be fictional data in a continuing medical education course? How 'bout an article that seems to overstate the advantages of Effexor (1, 2)? And his contradictory statements regarding the role of serotonin in depression? His involvement in a shady at best study on the effects of Risperdal in depression is also worth reading. In fact, for a summary of many issues regarding Nemeroff, feel free to read an earlier post that outlines many events and provides links for more in-depth information on each of them.

One of my first posts on Nemeroff was presciently titled: Uh-oh Chuck, They Out to Get Us, Man. Apparently, I was foreshadowing the present investigation. Don't feel too bad for Nemeroff; he should be able to afford excellent legal representation.

Maybe this latest mire in which Nemeroff finds himself explains the uptick in hits from Emory University and the Senate this site has been seeing lately?

Please also read Daniel Carlat's unflattering take on Nemeroff's behavior.

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therapyfirst said...

I'm sure by the time this comment gets posted, updates will reveal that Dr Nemeroff has resigned.

Not soon enough for me.

But, the real scandal is how all these university programs just look for excuses to avoid shaming these professors and dept. chairs.

And these people/institutions want us to believe they can lead by example? Wow, greed and narcissism, these are traits that will granish good will and support.