Saturday, October 28, 2006

Big Pharma Tries to Sway the Election

Campaign contributions -- talk about return on investment! PharmaGossip has a link to a story, which is excerpted briefly below:

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday examined how pharmaceutical companies are "pouring millions of dollars" into congressional campaigns in close races, "giving some Republicans a financial edge."

According to the Journal, "with a Democratic victory increasing likely, few recent elections have been so critical" for pharmaceutical companies, in large part because Democrats have promised to revise the Medicare prescription drug benefit to "take away most of the advantages it handed to pharmaceutical companies."

My View: Conventional wisdom has it that Republicans are cozier with Big Pharma than Dems. This may be true, but it ain't like Dems have a track record of NOT sucking up to Big Pharma. Just ask Al Gore -- see links here and here. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather see the Dems in office than the current group of plunderers, but let's not get too excited that Dems will make any serious attempt to reform the practices of Big Pharma.

Link to PharmaGossip's post here.

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