Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Catching My Eye

Yeah, I'm way behind on linking to many great posts by my fellow mental health and drug industry bloggers. In the short time that I have, here we go...
  • Key Opinion Leaders as Pokemon Cards and a post on Big Pharma trying to discuss bribing doctors with booze in a politically correct manner. I'm definitely liking the new Carlat Psychiatry Report.
  • How about a New Orleans psychiatrist being brought up on charges of research misconduct (involving Paxil ) and healthcare-related fraud? Check out Fiddy's site for more.
  • Furious Seasons has the latest from the bipolar child battlefield. Oh boy.
  • Peter Rost calls it exactly right regarding Bush releasing Libby from prison.
  • Pfizer scares the bejeezus out of research sites in a move that could potentially lead to yet more scientific misconduct (via Cutting Edge)
  • PharmaGossip has the quote of the week.
  • Pharma Giles scores with a great parody of the latest AIDS treatment hullabaloo
  • Health Care Renewal has a gut-churning post on how the firms that conduct research to evaluate new drugs are also (drum roll please) investing in the compounds that they are "independently" investigating. So if the drug they are "independently" evaluating works, they make more money. Just when you thought the system could not get any more corrupt...
My time's up. Apologies to the good work I did not cite here. Have a Happy 4th of July and stay away from the fireworks that double as deadly weapons.

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Anonymous said...

Long time listener, first time caller. ;-) Just wanted to say "hi" and also, holy moly, you just provided me with all the material for a three-hour long pharmaceutical research session! Phew!