Friday, October 12, 2007

Best *!&@! Article Ever

Well, at least the best article on cursing. While I've somehow received a G-rating for this site, I think the politics of cursing are fascinating. Look at how much time and emotion we put into the idea of cursing. No, you can't say that word -- that'll get you a parental advisory warning. If you said that word in class, you could get fired. Et cetera. I'm not advocating for a cuss like a gangsta rapper society or for prudishness. What I am advocating is that y'all read an incredibly interesting article on cursing by Dr. Stephen Pinker, available the New Republic's website.

Hey, it can't be all drugs, "science," and PR all the time on this site, can it? Actually, I have a tie-in. When doing my investigative work for this site, look at how many times I've ended up thinking "WTF is going on here??!?!?!" A few examples:

Hat Tip: Mind Hacks.

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soulful sepulcher said...

un-F&-@i-ing-believable! don't you find it funny that we all know "WTF" as if it's been around forever?