Monday, May 05, 2008

In the Name of Science and Charity

Philip Dawdy at Furious Seasons has noted that Eli Lilly released a short report in which they describe the funding they provided to a variety of organizations. All in the name of science and charity, of course. Beneficiaries of Lilly's largess include:
These were just some of the big recipients. The report itself is well worth checking out. One will note that Lilly is kindly funding a lot of "education" about fibromyalgia just as they try to move Cymbalta for all things pain-related. The amount of "education" regarding bipolar disorder is also instructive. Um, Viva Zyprexa?

Read some of the details at Furious Seasons and read Lilly's report as well. To Lilly's credit, at least they are making an attempt at disclosure; their industry colleagues are more than welcome to follow suit. Remember that the figures from Lilly's report are from the first quarter of 2008 only.

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