Wednesday, March 03, 2010

If You Don't Learn Your Lesson the First Time

I'm short on time, so I apologize for the lack of details. The short of it: A researcher at the University of Sheffield (Guirong Jang) submitted research findings regarding Procter & Gamble's osteoporosis medication Actonel. However, Sheffield had a contract with P & G to only release Actonel data with the permission of P & G. So Dr. Jang is in BIG trouble - as Sheffield wouldn't want to offend its corporate sponsor by releasing any potentially unflattering data. More can be found here.

P & G, Actonel, and trying to effectively manage data to best suit the needs of Actonel's marketing. Hey, wait, this sounds familiar. You may recall the case of Aubrey Blumsohn - a researcher at the same university investigating the same drug, followed by all sorts of strange happenings. Read more on the Blumsohn story here.

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