Thursday, February 22, 2007

Irrelevant Bagel Rant

I think that complaining about the Blogger switch cued me to other complaints. Like this one...

I was at Bruegger's Bagels the other day. I was asked if I'd like my bagel sliced. I responded in the affirmative. Looking at my receipt, I noted that it cost 25 cents to have it sliced. It took about five seconds to slice.

That is $3 per minute and $180 per hour. To slice a damn bagel.

Mind you, I was not told it would cost me a red cent -- she put it to me as if it were a favor. With adorable little doe eyes, she asked, "Would you like your bagel sliced?" What was I going to do, say no?


Anonymous said...

$3/min to cut a bagel in half. I need to look into changing my occupation to bagel slicer. That's just wrong.

Herb said...

CL Psych,

I’m sorry but I haven’t had much time for your site and just recently ran into some back problems so being laid up I took a quick look as to what’s going down here.

The most important part of your “Irrelevant Bagel Rant” which you omitted to state is did you pay the 25 cents?



CL Psych said...

Yep, I paid the 25 cents. I would not have even known that I paid it except that I looked at the receipt and saw a 25 cent charge.

Herb said...

Cl Psych,

While I do enjoy your writings and your abilities to open up to me aspects of questionable scientific work and studies, academia and the many shortcomings to these studies as well as professional improprieties from your writings I was expecting you to respond in the manner in which you did as it relates to the bagel slicing.

You did pay the 25 cents for the slicing of bagel…

Like your hiding behind the pseudonym of “CL Psych” and your lambasting of these various studies and the academics you criticize for their questionable ethics etc, etc I personally find from your writings are lacking of any real personal gumption on your part to speak out and right these wrongs in the more appropriate circles.

It’s just that I perceive from your writings your lack of what I refer to as “chutzpah” or the balls, depending on your gender, to standup for what you think is right but instead share your little world of rightness in a blog. I have not read each and every comment of yours but I have not read where you’ve written to any of these professional journals, organizations and/or professionals protesting from your professional and academic credentials or background that which you perceive as incorrect.

I’m sorry doc, but with all due respect to you and your credentials, in my eyes you might be a nice fellow/gal but you’re someone I wouldn’t want necessarily attending to my spouse’s needs.

I personally have a liking of people who are doer’s willing to standup, be heard right or wrong and are not “wishy-washy” do nothing complainers.

I’ll continue to enjoy reading your writings and the points you make as I see much validity to what it is you’re presenting but I further appreciate and admire those willing to make an effort to change the status quo or to improve upon that which we currently have.

I don’t mean to offend you but at my age I prefer to be truthful and tell it as I see it.



CL Psych said...


Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your honesty in stating that I lack balls. Thanks also for the kinder statements. Honesty always appreciated.

Marissa Miller said...

My comment disappeared in I don't know where it landed on this too, but...

Herb, give the guy a break. (euphemism here)

"Certain things about clinical psychology, the drug industry, psychiatry, and academics drive me nuts, and you'll probably pick up on these pet peeves before long..."

It's a rant blog, not an activist blog. Your honesty is fine, but cut him/her some slack.