Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Consensus of Marketing, Er, Science

Seroxat Secrets has a dynamite post on "consensus statements," in which a group of "expert" academics put a stamp of approval on how a disorder should be treated. For example, there is now a "crisis" of adult ADHD in the United Kingdom (just as there is here, though we're sometimes confused about the borderline between ADHD and bipolar disorder). And this crisis requires action. What kind of action? The kind that is mentioned in the consensus statement, of course.

I can tell you that the consensus statement has a great note at the end where it mentions that more ADHD treatment will reduce crime, smoking, and unemployment. No word yet on if hunger in Africa would also be alleviated.

Which brings me to the birth of the consensus statement. Hint: There are some conflicts of interest and perhaps stealth marketing involved... Please read the whole story at the excellent Seroxat Secrets.

It sure was nice of several drug companies who manufacture ADHD medications to sponsor the aforementioned consensus statement. And to think that the kindhearted folks at these companies would just give their money away to these dispassionate academics who make perfectly reasonable claims (like more ADHD treatment will lower unemployment). A heart-warming tale, indeed.


Assistive technology said...

Thank you for the reference laden post. The marketing involved in mental health treatment drives me nuts. Pun intended.

Stephany said...

asst. tech, nice job marketing. gimme a fly swatter.

Herb said...

Hi doc,

Knowing your penchant to knock psychotropic drugs as you do I think you and your fellow bloggers might want to address this recent news article I came across?

Suicide risk in adults lowered by antidepressants



CL Psych said...

Fair enough, Herb. There have been a couple of studies out recently that at first glance suggest that antidepressants generally protect against suicide. As you've probably noticed, I've not had the time to write much lately. I'll have to take a look at the studies (including the one you cited) and then write about them, but it probably won't happen soon.

Fiddy said...

Another victim to Seroxat withdrawal :(


Herb said...

Thanks doc, that’s fair enough.

I’ll keep an eye opened for your thoughts on the subject when you have the opportunity.