Monday, July 23, 2007

More "Science"

During my semi-hiatus, which has been far from recreational, I have mostly kept up with my reading (but obviously not writing). Of particular note to psychiatry, marketing, and pseudoscience, check out a couple great posts from Dr. Daniel Carlat.

One is about an incredibly bogus "survey" that turns up favorable results for Abilify. Oh, how I LOVE that the "science" is stacking up behind Abilify these days.

The other is regarding the alleged (and fake) hidden epidemic of ADHD among depression patients.There are many other good posts that I've not the time to cover now.

1 comment:

alone said...

Funny you should bring this up.

There's an article in Psychiatric Times this month, I was relieved by the premise: ADHD wildly overdiagnosed.

Great, I said, some sanity in this hyperbolic business we're in.

Except the article was saying that ADHD was overdiagnosed-- because it's all really bipolar.

I guess it's all personal preference-- would you rather be on Dexedrine or Depakote? I'll stick to what got me here. (JUST KIDDING.)