Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Zyprexa Whitewash

Furious Seasons has another tidbit from the Zyprexa documents. It involves the terms "diabetes" and "whitewash." You can read the internal Lilly document yourself at Furious Seasons and decide for yourself.

If you've been living in a cave for the past 10 months or so, here are some other features regarding the infamous Zyprexa documents:
And then there is Abilify. Read Brandweek NRX's piece here. Oh, and Seroquel? Read here and here. The lawsuits will keep coming, and there will be large payouts. I'm not a fan of suing the pants off everyone, but if there is no other way to fight off-label marketing and other dubious promotion tactics, then so be it.

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DanielHaszard said...

Eli Lilly makes billions on diabetes treatment and also gets $4.2 billion a year in sales of their biggest cash cow Zyprexa which has been scandalized as *causing* diabetes as a major side effect.
Not fair!

Zyprexa off label promotion scandal is all over the news now.
Lilly drug reps are alleged to have called their marketing ploy,"Viva zyprexa".
Eli Lilly zyprexa cost me over $250.00 a month supply out of my own pocket X 4 years and has up to ten times the risk (over non users) of causing diabetes and severe weight gain.
In 2004, the American Diabetes Association found that Zyprexa was more likely to cause diabetes than many other antipsychotic drugs.