Friday, September 08, 2006

There's Always A Silver Lining...

I have been wondering aloud for years when someone was going to make an SSRI into a treatment for premature ejaculation. Well, it seems I need to wonder no longer.

To some, a pesky side effect of impaired ability to ejaculate is just what the doctor ordered. If you can get men to last a whopping three minutes in the sack, then you've obviously created a winner!

My bold prediction: As another new generation of "miracle" antidepressants (read: AD's that are about as effective as SSRI's but with new, slick marketing, and equally importantly, many years of patent protection) hits the market in the next few years, look for the SSRI's to be coming (bad pun possibly intended) to a sex therapy clinic or a general practitioner near you.

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