Thursday, September 28, 2006

Venturing into Politics Briefly

I try to leave politics out of this blog, though I suppose some may label me a pinko for pointing out problems within the drug industry.

But, that being said, rushing through legislation that enables arbitrary (entirely at the president's discretion) detention, defines torture in a rather Oliver North sort of way, and gives the rubber stamp to kangaroo court proceedings brings two issues to mind:

1) It is a brilliant move by the Republican party, which can run this sort of rally around the flag balderdash to improve support among their base because…

2) Democrats already only nominal opposition to the Republicans has essentially vanished entirely. “Oh my God, they’ll say we’re terrorist sympathizers if we openly oppose this Stalinist legislation – and then we won’t regain control of the House and Senate.” News flash, you morons: You’re not going to gain control of anything if you never take a stand. When something is wrong, by God, explain why it is wrong and perhaps people will see you as something more than the party that sits around with dumb looks on their faces while the Republican Party is raping our Dear Republic in the name of Patriotism.

I will do my best to post nothing else on politics anytime soon. See the New York Times for a timely editorial on the topic (registration likely required).

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