Saturday, November 11, 2006

Academic Stalking?

David Healy has a very interesting little site (within his main site) discussing the "academic stalking" behavior of some of his colleagues. It is worth reading here. It gets into issues with James Coyne, who has been Healy's most outspoken critic, and it sets an excellent defense regarding the serious questions about Healy's reputation that Coyne has raised. In my reading of both Coyne's criticisms and Healy's defense, I find Healy does an excellent job.

To quote from Healy, the general theme of this page is to describe how: "One of the consequences of taking a stand on an academic issue that has commercial implications seems to be ongoing academic harassment or stalking." And you wonder why I remain anonymous!

Anyone with an interest in antidepressants and the commercial influence on their study should give it a read.


Spiritual Emergency said...

Hello Dr. Anonymous:

I've arrived at your blog via a link from Furious Seasons. It looks promising and I must confess, I'll be keeping an eye on you -- but not too close an eye. ;-)

spiritual_emergency / spiritual_recovery

CL Psych said...

Thanks for your interest. Your site is certainly interesting. I'll likewise keep an appropriately close eye on you. :)