Monday, June 11, 2007

Creativity Crisis: Cartoon Version

I just noticed that the creativity crisis in drug development I've written about previously may best be illustrated with a couple of cartoon videos. The analogy is simple. Think of He-Man as Effexor, Risperdal, and Celexa and think of She-Ra as Pristiq, Invega, and Lexapro.


And when you put the originals and the copycats together, you've got...


Anonymous said...

So very accurate, but keep in mind that She-Ra had a better theme song, so in that case, newer did equal better.

Kass said...

Oh gosh, that dates you, man. You can't be much older than me.

I grew up watching those shows and thought they were the most awesome shows in the world. I even had a She-Ra doll. Now I think they're incredibly lame.

Ah - so the connection is that at first you think these drugs are cool and then years later, you find out they're lame? :)