Monday, June 25, 2007

Golden Goblet Reincarnated

Danny Carlat has issued a nomination for the "Doctors for Dollars" Award. He discusses how a medical education communication company hired by a drug company got academic "key opinion leaders" to place their names on a piece of advertising that passes off as education for physicians. You'll be shocked to read that Joe Biederman is one of the nominees.

I'd strongly suggest reading Carlat's post and providing suggestions as to how the Docs for Dollars Award can be integrated with the Golden Goblet award (1, 2) and the Krusty the Klown award in a truly outstanding awards ceremony later this year.


Daniel Carlat said...

I feel like the guy who just moved into the neighborhood and has a bunch of "great" ideas that have already been done back in the day. I knew about the Bitter Pill Award, but not the Golden Goblet or the Krusty the Klown award, both of which should by highly sought after by the ethically challenged. A gala award ceremony should be planned, somewhere relatively close to all the bloggers.

CL Psych said...

Let's get the party started! Can we invite the Pfizer Girls as entertainment?