Friday, September 07, 2007

Drug Wonks Loses Remaining Credibility

Robert Goldberg of Drug Wonks appears to have flipped his lid. His latest writing, which is purportedly about comparative effectiveness trials is so riddled with errors that it's bad even by Drug Wonks standards! Making it worse is that Goldberg's tirade appears in the Washington Times as an op-ed. Granted, op-eds are not held to the same standard as regular news, but even throwing in some "truthiness" would have been a nice touch.

For all the gruesome details, head over to Health Care Renewal. You won't believe it. For background on the blog for which Goldberg writes, please read an earlier post.


Anonymous said...

Hold up!

Did I here you right?

Are you saying Goldberg actually had any credibility remaining?

I had no idea.

soulful sepulcher said...

I have to say if that rant/letter can get printed than one of my incoherent rants based on anecdotal stories sure can!