Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Zyprexa: No Longer The Gold Standard?

Decision Resources has now reported that Zyprexa is no longer the market leader in schizophrenia. In March, I noted that the same company proclaimed boldly that Zyprexa was the "gold standard" in treating schizophrenia and would remain so until 2015. So in a matter of months, the same company has gone from labeling Zyprexa as the gold standard for treating schizophrenia to indicating that Zyprexa is an also-ran. The rather quick about-face of Decision Resources makes me wonder about the credibility of its reports.

According to the latest report, concerns about side effects have hurt Zyprexa's market share. Nah, really?

Hat Tip: Furious Seasons, a blog that has been absolutely ablaze with great material.

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