Friday, December 14, 2007

Bipolar Explosion, Spot-On Parody, and Other Highlights

A number of great posts have emerged across the wonderful world of health blogs as of late.

In particular, check out the following on bipolar disorder, which must be spreading like wildfire these days:
  • David Healy and Joanna LeNoury have a new paper on the influx of bipolar disorder cases. Consider it required reading. Key opinion leaders, Big Pharma, astroturf patient support groups, Brandon and the Bipolar Bear, and more. Read it now. Furious Seasons has some choice excerpts
  • Furious Seasons has a whale of a post on living with "bipolar disorder." As a very bright and thoughtful man who has been diagnosed with bipolar for decades, and has lived through many an interesting experience, his discussion of bipolar is quite timely and fits nicely into the present mania of diagnosing bipolar every time somebody does not respond well to antidepressants.
  • The name of the post says it all: Is early-onset bipolar disorder simply normal childhood? Read it at Psych Central. I can't resist taking one choice quote from the post (quote from psychologist John Rosemond):
    • In their book and in the May 2007 issue of their newsletter, available through their website, the Papoloses recommend against using the word “no” with a bipolar child “because it will trigger a meltdown.” When they were toddlers, my children often suffered wild seizures at the sound of “no.”
On the topic of disease mongering, the best parody I've yet seen may have just been penned by the incredible Pharma Giles. The Pharma Giles take on the Montel Williams fiasco is also a great laugh.

The Scientific Misconduct blog has a post on the conflict between integrity and money, which somehow just keeps rearing its head on this site and others.

Mind Hacks notes an example of poor journalism regarding an alleged cure for Alzheimer's.

Peter Rost, ever the excellent self-promoter (meant as a compliment), has a website promoting his expertise as a pharmaceutical marketing consultant and expert witness. After tracking his work for a while, I am convinced -- I'd certainly hire him.

The Carlat Psychiatry Blog is just on-fire all around. No need to single out a particular post.

Pharmalot points out that Wyeth just got slapped by the FDA for a highly misleading ad about Effexor. Read the FDA letter -- this ad is well beyond a little bit misleading.

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