Friday, February 29, 2008

Nominee for Career Achievement Award: Dr. David Linden

Remember him? The guy who gave herpes to two patients and lost his license for three months as a result (pretty stiff penalty, eh?). According to KLAS TV in Las Vegas, he was recently arrested for allegedly passing bad checks at a casino. To quote the news story:
The District Attorney is charging Linden with passing $300,000 worth of bad checks at three local casinos. According to the complaint, $150,000 in bad checks were passed at the Las Vegas Hilton, $100,000 at Caesars Palace and $50,000 at the Hard Rock.
I had wondered previously why only his Oklahoma license was suspended after he had sexual relations with two patients -- why not his Nevada license? Apparently, his Nevada license was put on probation, meaning he could still practice medicine. Apparently, Nevada is serious about defending its reputation as the state where anything goes. His track record of conducting psychiatric clinical trials is impressive for its violations of several FDA regulations. Giving herpes to patients is quite an accomplishment as well; not many physicians can match that claim to fame. As I noted earlier, Linden has run clinical trials for a wide variety of large drug firms. As long as you can recruit patients, who cares what actually happens to them during the clinical trials?

For the above list of accomplishments, I hereby nominate Dr. Linden for a Career Achievement Award. Even if he is not guilty of the present check fraud charges, I still believe he is a worthy nominee based on prior accolades and accomplishments.


Anonymous said...

I worked with David nearly 20 years ago; he was a good doctor back then. Makes me wonder what happened.

Anonymous said...

I had no clue about any of this- Moved to NV from WA. Thought I carefully selected a doctor. Visited Dr Linden realized what a joke he was and never went back. Now nearly 2 years later I'm still getting erroneous bills from his OK billing department, who by the way won't put the correct # on their billing statement (after 2 years).
Now here I am finding out there was way more to Dr Linden then an incorrect number on his bills...

Might be an older post, but news to me.