Monday, December 18, 2006

Corcept: Get Rich QUICK!

Corcept is getting attention again for its medication mifepristone (RU-486). According to one website (whose obnoxious font color and ''wise'' words I'll copy below)...

"In this case, you can buy a $10 drug development stock for under a buck, which makes a nice present for someone going to college or needing more money...


Why all the interest in a stage three clinical trial drug development company that this summer reported a setback in trial outcomes?

Corcept is developing state of the art neuropsychiatric medications to treat Psychotic Major Depression, PMD, the number one psychiatric illness that paralyzes some 3 million people a year.


In addition to PMD, Corcept is working with Eli Lilly and other partners to develop a patent portfolio of state of the art psychopharmaceuticals to treat Alzheimers, Catatonia, Cognitive impairment, Cocaine Addiction, Dementia, Delusion, Migraines, Postpartum depression, premature infants, stress, weight gain and a host of widespread concerns using the cortisol mechanism, with fewer side effects than previous medications.

The market for these medications is blockbuster size. CORT is remindful of some other drug companies owned like Alza, Smithkline and Syntex that hit home runs."

So what are you waiting for? Oh, you’re waiting for research that actually backs mifepristone's efficacy given its meager performance to date. Or maybe you’re waiting to see if anyone beside company employees and consultants (here and here) has anything nice to say about the drug. Well, it could be your loss!
Personally, I’ll sit this one out.

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