Friday, December 08, 2006

Peter Rost -- WOW.

In the wake of Pfizer's recent torcetrapib troubles, Dr. Peter Rost is really sticking it to Pfizer. His last paragraph is reproduced below in hope that you will read the entire post. It's that good.

"This development is more than a big set-back for Pfizer. It provides an unusual glimpse into a corporation caught with its pants down and its hubris exposed for the entire world to see. After all, there were plenty of warning signs, ignored by Pfizer’s present management. And there is perhaps only one person smiling right now. And that is Pfizer’s vice chairman, Karen Katen, forced out after her succession battle with Jeff Kindler. She had thirty years of experience in the drug industry."

Now get going to Rost's site! Dr. Peter Rost: What went wrong at Pfizer?

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