Monday, December 11, 2006

So Little Time

I have many items on my plate today, so instead of posting anything new here, I encourage my readers to stop by the Pharma Marketing Blog, which has done excellent work on two issues lately.

First, the discussion about how much it costs to develop a new medication has been quite interesting. You may have heard that it takes an average of $800 million to bring a drug to market, and that figure seems to have been updated to $1.2 billion. Public Citizen, among others (such as Merrill Goozner), have criticized these figures as a major overestimate. Many others have been chiming in as well. Feel free to join the discussion.

In addition, there has been much discussion of Pfizer. Peter Rost, as I posted last week, has been writing some fascinating pieces on Pfizer, and John Mack at the Pharma Marketing Blog is also getting his two cents in. It’s well worth a read.

Here’s the link to the Pharma Marketing Blog. Enjoy!

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