Friday, May 18, 2007

The Tobacco Connection

Lilly is represented by multiple legal firms, one of which is Covington & Burling. Let's think about it -- Lilly is being sued over Zyprexa for such things as off-label marketing and health risks. Well, C & B knows a little about health risks. They represented Big Tobacco, for which their shining work at helping to conceal the risks associated with smoking and secondhand smoke earned them a stern reprimand from a judge. They are apparently not ashamed of their work with the Tobacco Institute (Big Tobacco's former lobbying group), as it is mentioned on C & B's website. I don't mind looking at their website, as they have visited my site on several occasions.

Below are a few articles you may enjoy regarding Covington & Burling's stalwart representation of Big Tobacco, and how they covertly got involved with the "science" surrounding the health effects of secondhand smoke. I highly advise reading them, then thinking about the current Zyprexa controversy.
So, in line with C & B being intimately involved with the Tobacco Institute and Center for Indoor Air Research, I suggest that they set up something similar for Zyprexa. What do you think of the following?
  • Center for Diabetes Studies
  • Center for Weight Management Research
  • Institute for The Appropriate Marketing of Pharmaceuticals

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Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

C and B is also involved with guiding drug policy reform:

See the 2 articles at the top:

A proposal exists for a Drug Policy Alliance (the successor organization to the Drug Policy Foundation) for a panel that would include the listed C and B advisor, food, drug and insurance attorney Marialuisa Gallozzi: