"poor insight into illness". I don't know if poor efficacy or side effect burden was even mentioned by this survey. These results came from a survey designed by (who else?) Janssen.

What am I getting at? Well, we've got two related surveys, one given to social workers, the other to physicians. Both of them emphasize that patients tend to not comply with their schizophrenia medications. Well, phew, Janssen, whose patent on oral Risperdal is about to expire, has the patent for an injectable form of Risperdal (Risperdal Consta), which won't expire for a while. So, they send out these surveys under the guise of research, but the point is far from research -- we already know people don't generally enjoy taking antipsychotics.

The point is marketing. People don't comply with their medications, so we have to give it to them in injectable, long-acting format so that their compliance with treatment will be acceptable.