Friday, May 04, 2007

Zimulti and Others...

Several interesting things going on in the blog world this week. Like...
  • The Zimulti (formerly known as Acomplia) weight loss drug has quickly become the laughingstock of the blogosphere. Check out Pharmalot, and the Pharma Marketing Blog
  • In addition, PharmaGossip posted a link to a wonderful piece by Carl Elliott regarding the relationship between drug reps and physicians. Count it as a must read. While on an Elliott binge, check out Health Care Renewal's post regarding another piece including Elliott as an author. It involves ghostwriting and what should be done about it.
  • Furious Seasons points out that Jim Gottstein, who helped to make the Zyprexa documents debacle public (1, 2, 3), has received an award. Here's hoping there are many more heading his direction.
  • Jim Edwards continues his stalwart work on the AstrzZeneca Bucket O' Cash scandal with a neat timeline of how the scandal came to be. Despite AZ's claims that proper discipline has been meted out to some folks involved in the scandal, Edwards has some additional questions.
  • Regarding the latest Pfizer ads for Viagra, which appear to use a language similar to Simlish in order to educate patients, both Health Care Renewal and Pharma Giles have chimed in. Giles did manage to return from his brief retirement for his post, and we were all glad to see him back in action.
  • Let's also not forget about Pink Cupcategate. What am I talking about? Check out Peter Rost to find out.
  • Oh, and the rate of spending on psych meds rose 150% from 1997 to 2004. Viva Zyprexa, anyone?

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