Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't Diss Berenson

Drug Wonks has a post saying that Alex Berenson's latest reporting on the Zyprexa scandal is likely erroneous because he is pulling information from just a few Lilly documents. Indeed, it is stated...
Once again, Berenson uses the "one paper out of several thousands of documents" approach to depict Lilly as a criminal corporation.
Further, it is added
On the heels of intense criticism of the NYT coverage of the Duke rape case and the paper's falling earnings, the Berenson reporting is another example of the Times decline.
OK. Here's my challenge. I'd like Drug Wonks or, well, anyone to read the following posts. Read the Lilly documents that are freely available and are linked within said posts. Then talk about how Lilly is a good corporate citizen, and did not promote Zyprexa off-label. Here you go...
As for the "well, we haven't seen every single document" argument, please see my earlier post for why I think that argument is weak.