Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Portland Psychosis Prevention Program

This program that allegedly prevents psychosis among "at-risk" individuals is apparently gaining momentum to the point that it may spread. What program?

Well, Portland, Maine has a program going that claims it takes people at risk for psychosis, provides intervention (including low-dose antipsychotics) and BAM they DON'T develop psychosis. The details are cloudy at this point. They certainly have an attractive website and they stick with the time honored brain disease model of mental illness to a point that is often well beyond the science.

I've not the time to look at this in more depth today, but fortunately Furious Seasons has given this a good look and I strongly encourage everyone to read about it on his site.

This does have shadows of the eerily awful study that provided "at risk" individuals with Zyprexa to help them not develop schizophrenia or to help them develop diabetes, depending on how you look at it.

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