Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Get No Respect

Sheesh, I wonder what I gotta do to pick up a little respect over at John Mack's Pharma Blogsophere. It ain't enough that this site apparently ranked highly on Mack's own survey -- I'm still only getting second-tier billing over at his site. Where's the love, John? This kind of treatment might give me generalized anxiety disorder!


insider said...

I'd be happy to sign a petition to get you elevated to your rightful position!


Anonymous said...

CP, for me, you're the best.

This rating may have been some sort of April Fools gag.

PharmaGuy said...

CP, I apologize. I totally agree with the commenter above: you're the best.

But I'm in a quandry. There are so many good blogs out there, but not all of them are 100% focused on the drug industry. While you do a lot of posts relating to the industry, your blog may be more medically oriented in general. That's the only reason I put it under "Minor Planets, Asteroids, and Comets."

You are like a comet: a wonderful sight to behold and much anticipated, but you only visit our sphere periodically.

I think I need a third class just so that we don't confuse minor planets with comets!

If your readers have any suggestions, I am open to hear them.

Anonymous said...


You've been moved to the 1st tier where you belong!

CL Psych said...

Thanks, Judge Dredd, er, John, for moving me into the inner circle of pharma blogger planets. I will do my best to defend the honor that comes with such a distinction! Thanks to both Insider and the anonymous commenter(s) for their kind words as well.

BTW John, I suggest that you go with Robocop next time, but I enjoyed the awful Stallone clip as well.

. said...

Dear Clin Psych,

I love your blog, but all the other blogs mentioned are also good. I really don't understand the whole need for this constant competition among all of you for rankings, kudos, shout-outs, and numbers. You are ALL invaluable to the thinking public. You all spin differently, but you all incestuously link among yourselves. I come on the scene and almost dance naked in front of you all, telling you I HAVE data to address so many of the issues you raise, yet no one really takes me up a collaboration.

I think we should all agree that you all, deserve tons of praise for the incredible unpaid efforts you all take to educate ME.

I adore it. thank you... all of you.

In fact, when I first found all these blogs.. I thought they were all written by ONE PERSON, that is how alike you all seem to outsiders.

Peace and Love,


CL Psych said...


There are indeed many excellent health/pharma blogs around. I'd LOVE to see the data that you discuss and to look at the issue in more depth.

You are correct that we are often somewhat of an echo chamber that link to each other incestuously. That seems common across blogs of all types and is not unique to our little group. Indeed, many of the how-to-blog sites give explicit instructions to link to similar sites incessantly.

I don't see this as a competition with fellow blogs. I'm just happy that there are a lot of excellent sites which are well-read. I can't speak for others, but when I see positive rankings, numbers, shout-outs and so forth come out, it does bring a smile to my face. Hey, if we're not getting paid to do this, there has to be some form of motivation!

I'd be very glad to receive an email from you, at which point we can discuss the data you mentioned in more detail. See the email link on the right of my homepage.