Friday, April 06, 2007

Teaching is For Suckers

...says the American medical school system. Health Care Renewal has an excellent post on how getting grant and/or drug company money is far and away the top priority for medical school faculty, while teaching is a much lower priority. I've likewise written about the topic previously. Read the post at HCR -- you'll be glad that you did.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog regularly.

I do wonder why this is news, or a surprise to anyone. Certainly this is also true in your own field of Clinical Psychology- if you are at a research-oriented institution, they want GRANTS GRANTS GRANTS and anything else is secondary.


CL Psych said...

You are indeed correct that clinical psychology at a research school often means getting your mitts on grants. However, some folks are able to thrive in psych by publishing a fair amount of research that does not involve substantial grant-getting. However, it does help one's odds of tenure/promotion to bring in the bucks.