Monday, April 30, 2007

Reconciling with Spot

Apparently drug marketers are making drug names to appeal directly to humans (duh), but in a manner that is more direct. Think about drugs for humans, like Prozac -- well, Pro is good, but what the hell is Zac? But new doggie drug names like Reconclie (doggie Prozac), Slentrol (for fat pooches), and Serenia (to prevent dogs from puking) -- pretty straightforward. After all, it's easier to be serene when one's dog is not yakking all over the floor. Slentrol (uh, slender-control), and Reconcile (no, you're a GOOD doggie parent -- reconcile with your sad dog with dog-Zac) are likewise easy to figure out.

Hat tip to Pharmalot and Name Development.

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