Saturday, January 20, 2007

Arkansas Antipsychotic Update

Dr. X did some digging and found a couple of resources that shed more light on the apparent overdrugging of child and adolescent inmates at an Arkansas prison facility run by Cornell Companies at the time of the incidents.

Check this out:

An internal affairs unit report studied “forced psychotropic medications/chemical restraints” over a 45-day period beginning Sept. 1. Video surveillance of injection procedures was part of the investigation.

A log showed 22 juveniles had been given 52 injections of Thorazine and Benadryl as chemical restraints. But a separate incident report showed 16 injections were not recorded on the log and a total of 25 juveniles received injections. There were signed physician orders for injections in only 11 of the 25 cases.


Though not allowed as discipline, the report concluded that medication was used as a disciplinary tool.
Nice. REAL Nice. Thanks to Dr. X for the update. I only posted some of the lowlights. Feel free to check out the links to read more.

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