Thursday, January 04, 2007

Selling Zyprexa

PharmaGossip has a great link to a video, purportedly of a Lilly drug rep discussing how he sold Zyprexa to docs. You should check out the full video, but I’ll provide two rough quotes from the video below:

1. Just drink a glass of water before a meal and another glass after the meal. That will counteract the weight gain with Zyprexa.

2. Statistics are like prisoners – torture them long enough and they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.


Anonymous said...

When you consider Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and the secret prisons that, like Eli Lilly, are closely associated in peoples' minds with the Bush administration, one could also conclude the inverse, that is that "Prisoners are like statistics – torture them long enough and they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear."


Unknown said...

Classic but perhaps it is rather heartening to know that diet advice that is almost 100 years out of diet is still being handed out as state of the art.

Regards - Shinga

Anonymous said...

Many of the longtime zyprexa users like myself who developed diabetes were given it 'off label' because it was being pushed on my doctor by Lilly drug reps.

The now notorious Zyprexa diabetes connection is elaborated at thousands of pages on line.
My own local clinic and clinics everywhere have stopped dispensing Zyprexa except as a PRN for acute cases.

Eli Lilly's zyprexa gravy train will stall soon enough.
I am Daniel Haszard 4 year zyprexa user who got diabetes from it.

Lilly made a mistake motivated by a desire for profits (greed) now it's time to face the music.Lilly occasionally comes out with theses periodic media PR's on compensation then nothing happens and you wonder why victims get indignant.
Daniel Haszard