Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Zyprexa: Cat is Out of the Bag

One has to hand it to Lilly for using its lawyers to intimidate those who would dare to post its internal docs regarding the misleading and likely illegal marketing of Zyprexa. Over at the Alliance for Human Research Protection, Lilly’s tactics are documented for all who are interested. See these two posts (here and here) in particular. You can also check out the Zyprexakills website (little dramatic in the title, but it does grab one’s attention) for more.

This also jives with some of the buzz I’ve picked up from others who claim to have been intimidated by Lilly's attorneys. It would appear that Lilly is issuing injunctions to block anyone from displaying the documents. Lilly appears to have successfully scared many folks in that many links where the Lilly documents could be downloaded have vanished. Nice work fellas -- very Mussolini-like.

Nice, but too little too late. It is clear that many people have obtained the documents (one site indicated that at least 20-something people had downloaded the docs just from its site prior to the link being pulled). The temporary injunction protecting the documents expires today, though I would not be surprised if some other sort of legal protection was extended. Though Lilly is trying its best, the truth about Zyprexa’s misleading marketing and the coverup of its ill effects will be exposed. The New York Times got the ball rolling (here and here) and I don’t think that Lilly can stuff the cat back in the bag.

Oh, and if you are one of the aforementioned attorneys, don't bother injuncting me. There's nothing on this site that even suggests I have allegedly "improperly obtained" documents regarding Lilly, nor will you find any link to the documents here.

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