Monday, January 29, 2007

Becoming the Blakemore Brown Sounding Board

A few days ago, I posted regarding the case of Lisa Blakemore Brown, a psychologist who has run into trouble from the British Psychological Society. Since that time, the post has generated several comments (11 at the time of this posting, to be exact).

I will quote just a couple of choice snippets from them before encouraging you to check out the post and read the comments yourself. Feel free to add your two cents to the mix as well.

I have had the priviledge of reading all of the case documents and all of the transcripts of this fitness to practice "enquiry". I can assure you that none of the allegations have anything whatever to do with Lisa's diagnostic skills, her professionalism in terms of patient care, her competence as a professional, vaccine damage, Aliens or anything of the sort. The transcripts are quite simply appalling. The British Psychological Society is naturally not very keen on the idea that they should be made public. – Aubrey Blumsohn

Everyone has a RIGHT to question, and a RIGHT to search for answers, we were born with that facility built in as part of our survival instinct. That includes Lisa Blakemore Brown. – Paula

I too have read the transcripts of this so called "trial", and as Aubrey states they have nothing to do with patients or clinical practice. A single unsupportable complaint arose from a patient who was said to have been "coached" by a certain support group, and did not have anything to do with her skills. I hope the tranbscripts [sic] are placed in the public domain as soon as possible. – PM

Lisa and I are guilty of challenging a part of the belief systems of these professions and it is clear that the BPS are prepared to stoop to any underhand methods and to disregard the principles of due process, in order to seek to discredit Lisa and to thereby discredit her invaluable work on
behalf of families with autistic children. They must not be allowed to succeed. – Charles Pragnell

There are several other interesting comments, including one that takes a view quite different than the consensus of those whom I quoted above. Go here to check them out and go here to check out the story’s background in more detail.


Anonymous said...

To: The British Psychological Association

I am given to understand Ms Lisa Blakemore Brown is to appear before you on some disciplinary matter in connection with her views on the Munchausen Syndrome or similar matter

Having seen the work of Ms Lisa Blakemore Brown and consulted with her on her visit to Australia I wish to record I have great respect for the work she is doing in this area.

It may be recalled that since she visited Australia and spoke at a Conference in Sydney there has been a change in the Law in Queensland – no longer do the Courts recognize a diagnosis of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and this will no doubt be copied in other Jurisdictions.

Ms Lisa Blakemore Brown is probably the only member of the British Psychological Society recognized world wide for her outstanding work on Autism. It would be shameful if any disciplinary action is taken against her for holding the views she does.

Academic freedom is the lifeblood of progress in Science.

Yours truly,

Michael D Innis MBBS; DTM&H; FRCPA; FRCPath

Anonymous said...

"From further documentary evidence I have received, these matters are becoming increasingly bizarre and Kafkaesque. It would appear that the BPS would be far wiser to abandon their witch-hunt of Lisa Blakemore-Brown and to investigate instead the credibility, credentials, and motives of her accusers. Evidence suggests that there is definite malice behind the complaints and there has been collusion and collaboration in seeking to defame and discredit Lisa.

The BPS would also be well advised to investigate the mental stability of her accusers, their criminal histories for offences of deceit and dishonesty, and their links with and support by corporate organisations. Such corporate organisations have very considerable vested financial interests to protect and have a history of silencing exposure of their misdeeds and of controlling academic freedom if such academic treatises were unfavourable to their corporate interests.

If the BPS decide to mount such an investigation into the malicious accusers of Lisa Blakemore-Brown, I shall be more than happy to provide them with the documentary evidence."

Charles Pragnell Dip.S.W., L.R.C.C.

Anonymous said...

I am a parent who has been accused of MSBP and if it was not for the work of Lisa Blakemore-Brown my children WOULD have been removed from my care. Lisa has got into her current situation with the BPS because she (unlike many others) has the 'balls' to say what all others are too scared to say. It is a disgrace that the BPS are investigating Lisa, she lives and breathes her work and should not be punished for exposing the truth!