Saturday, January 20, 2007

Infant Depression & Anxiety More Prevalent

...according to the headline of a "news" story at a Boston TV station.
A growing number of hospitals and universities are now offering mental health therapy. Experts believe that if they can address these issues early, they can avoid bigger problems later in the child's life.
And by 'early,' they mean as early as one year old.
Psychologist Douglas Goldsmith says "even by the first birthday, some of the research is saying we should be able to start to see signs of more serious social disorders."
Well, Dr. Goldsmith, I'd love to become more familiar with such research. I actually don't think there is any research of any decent quality addressing anxiety and/or depression in children prior to their first birthdays. If any of y'all have access to such research, please address it in my direction. I'd especially be interested in research that shows that interventions with pre-one year olds helps children avoid "bigger problems" later on.

Hat Tip: Depression Introspection.

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