Thursday, January 11, 2007

Check Out the Health Wonk Review...

... and much more at Health Care Renewal. The HW Review has links to a number of interesting posts from various healthcare blogs.

There is also a great post regarding the head of the Massachusettes Biotechnology Council who has been convicted of obstructing justice, yet continues to serve in his executive role.

Also check out the post regarding William McGuire, the incredibly rich former CEO of United Health. I'll quote the snippet that made me want to wretch:

She says his income gives him extra credibility in health-policy debates because it shows his success. 'He needs to be compensated appropriately so that his business model has believability in the market,' says Ms. Mundinger [board member of United Health], who is dean of the nursing school at Columbia University.

Yeah, people wouldn't take McGuire seriously if he was not stocking away hundreds of millions in salary and stock options. These people live in a world so different than 99.5% of the population that we can't possibly understand them, and they, likewise, can't possibly understand us. Which would be fine, except that it is these detached from reality New Rockefeller Health Care Executive Robber Barons along with the legislators in their pockets who are determining the policies and costs of health care that affect everybody. Scared?

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