Friday, March 30, 2007


Good posts that warrant your attention include:
  • In terms of efficacy, antidepressants + mood stabilizer = placebo + mood stabilizer in bipolar disorder according to a new study. I've not yet read it, so I'll refer you to Furious Seasons for an analysis (1, 2).
  • Oh, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). It seems like nary a week goes by without some sort of serious ethical/corruption issues rear their ugly heads. For more on the situation, check out Health Care Renewal. Maybe that's why Lilly partnered with them to create a Center of Excellence for Psychiatry?
  • Antipsychotics linked to death in the elderly, again. Thanks for PharmaGossip for pointing this out.
  • Pharmalot wonders why the FDA is patting itself on the back for protecting public health at the same time that it is performing less enforcement.
  • John Mack basically says this blog is close to useless according to his rating scale. That hurts, Mr. Mack.
  • Seroxat/Paxil is an easy target, but that doesn't mean we should stop kicking it while it's down. Fiddaman scores points with a good post on how GSK covered up its data on the drug, while Seroxat Secrets has been ablaze with posts pointing out the patently false statements made by GSK employees about Seroxat/Paxil.

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Hi Psy. Saw the Mack thing. You might enjoy this post