Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Great Comment on Lilly's Comments

An anonymous reader made a comment suggesting that Lilly may either be losing their minds or that they have reached strange new heights in their attempt to protect Zyprexa. Maybe they need a safe, gentle psychotropic such as Zyprexa to ease their concerns. Anyway, the quote is below, with my added color highlighting and replacing Arthur with Joseph:

Arthur [correction] Joseph Heller could no better than:

"Eli Lilly, in email messages to the BMJ, states that it is pursuing action because 'these individuals have violated a federal court order by leaking the documents' and that it has not released its internal documents publicly because the company 'has no intention of violating that order by releasing documents ourselves.'"

A judge can only require that individuals other than a company do not make a company's proprietary documents public. A company itself can make any and all of its internal memos public at any time. This is a idiotic as a battered wife claiming that a restraining order on her husband also means that she cannot approach within 300 yards of herself.

Some of the people at Lilly were once deemed to be pretty sharp. Either they need something like Zyprexa, or they're blowing deliberate nonsense at the BMJ about an issue that has already made it onto Page One of the Grey Lady.

Neither scenario makes Eli Lilly look all that good.
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Anonymous said...

Would you mind correcting it to "Joseph Heller?"

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