Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogger Annoyances

Ever since I switched to the "new and improved" Blogger, my hits have been way down. This seems to be largely because this site no longer appears in results for Google searches nor in Google blog searches that used to garner me plenty of hits.

I even more greatly appreciate the links from various blogs lately, as they have been the only source of traffic for me outside of my regular readers.

Equally as annoying are the blogs that steal my content word for word and then repost it on their sites as if they wrote it. That is called plagiarism and I don't like it. is a great example -- that site shows all of my posts as well as posts ripped from other blogs word for word without any credit being given to the authors. Even worse, now shows up in Google searches and my site does not. Figure that out.


Anonymous said...

They even took your bagel rant!

Kass said...

WTF? Is there any way to contact that ***** and tell her off? I did a search for Google search for "Pristiq" and found HER post - ripped from yours, naturally - linking to mine. I didn't find you within the first three pages of my Google search.

:-\ I don't know what teh internets does in these cases...

Mike said...


Ive not explored my new blogger code but I believe that Tony Karrer may have the answer to you Google search problems.

He writes about the issue twice,
once here
and then here

Good luck!

PS I don't think he offers any help re plagiarism!