Thursday, February 08, 2007

PharmaGiles Does it Again

In yet another hilarious mockumentary post, PharmaGiles goes nuts. Here's a snippet:
Our first problem was finding a large population of sexually dysfunctional women who would be prepared to volunteer for such a study. Fortunately, we realised that our entire HR division was staffed exclusively with such women, and so we were able to get the trial up and running fairly quickly. After a year, however, we were forced to conclude that the trial results did not demonstrate any advantage over existing treatments for low female sexual response, such as Fyngeryn™® and Mufdyvin®™.
Read the whole thing over at the PharmaGiles site. If you don't read it, you'll miss out on such beauties as Wang Chung Pharmaceuticals, the words of Orville Huckster, allegedly fake examples of data manipulation, and much more.

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