Monday, February 12, 2007

CPP Psychiatrist Wins Award

I'm not sure if this means I can say my site is "award winning," but I can say (with pride?) that one psychiatrist I mentioned on this site recently has been awarded the prestigious Krusty the Klown Award.

The award went to Dr. Siegfried Kasper. In the words of Furious Seasons' Philip Dawdy, who presented (and invented) the award:

[CPP had a post last week about] Siegfried Kasper who likes to affix his name to studies he's never written. Once upon a time, this same clown also stuck his name on a paper David Healy refused to slap his name on for a Phamra [sic] company. And while I know it's fun to bitch about docs doing shady unscientific things and then call the result double-blind, peer-reviewed gold-standard science, I think I need to get into the proper spirit of how medicine really works and give out awards for such behavior. It is in that spirit that I bestow Furious Seasons' first Krusty The Klown Award upon Dr. Siegfried Kasper.


You remember Krusty, right? "I heartily endorse this event or product" was his mantra. I'm sure Kasper knows it by heart.
I only know for sure that Kasper put his name on one paper he did not write, but given that he has purportedly "authored over 800 research reports and reviews," I think it is certainly possible that some of his other work is ghostly. For a little background, see an earlier post here. For more on Krusty-endorsed products, see here.

More on the Krustification of psychiatric "research" coming soon, hopefully.

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