Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Mask, Missing Safety Studies, WHO, and More

A few links to posts I've found notable and relevant the past few days, then likely not much more out of me for the day...

Pharma Giles insists on continually being funny. Just a heads up that the latest post there is laugh-inducing. It involves a Darth Vader mask, a Hannibal Lechter mask, satire regarding Exubera, and more.

Oh, and the rant on the Pharma Giles site from last week was a thing of beauty.

As if Exubera is not getting kicked around enough, Brandweek attempts to slam more nails into the coffin of the bong-like insulin inhaler. A great read.

Meanwhile, Furious Seasons was among the first to discuss some of Marcia Angell's prescient comments regarding the drug industry. Did you know, for example, that drug companies frequently promise the FDA that they will conduct studies regarding the safety of their products, yet about 70% of these studies have apparently never been conducted?? Are you kidding me?

PharmaGossip notes that Abbott is cutting scientists from its workforce. Hopefully the marketing staff is safe. Insider also notes that the counter-detailing movement has started. Yep, individuals are hitting doctors' offices armed with science rather than sales scripts, sometimes even suggesting (*gasp*) that physicians may want to prescribe older, less expensive treatments! Oh the horror! Could this movement catch on?

Last, but not least, Health Care Renewal has posted on the World Health Organization seemingly accepting money from drug companies after the money was first laundered by patient advocacy groups.

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