Friday, February 09, 2007

Zyprexa Editorial

No, not my editorial. I think my views on this have already been made clear. Courtesy of Health Care Renewal, an excellent editorial from Richard Zitrin is reproduced and Roy Poses' excellent commentary follows, which includes the following:
So let's see, continuing news stories and commentaries suggest Eli Lilly has been trying to hide unfavorable information about its blockbuster drug Zyprexa, the company's share price is falling, and yet its top executives are getting large increases in their already lavish compensation.
Good point (as usual), Roy. Read the whole piece. It's got secrecy, executive compensation, lawyers, Lilly, and Zyprexa all in the same post. You can't top that.

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Anonymous said...

I recall reading that when Vioxx hit the fan, upper management got significant if not huge pay raises to ensure their continued loyalty.