Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some Problems Fixed

This allegedly easy upgrade to New Blogger is still a bit troublesome. Some of my posts look odd in Internet Explorer. I need to fool with my template. In the meantime, I've figured out (with a lot of help) the evil line of code that caused me to get dropped from Google, so that should be fixed.

Update: Martha post fixed. I also accidentally beheaded my blog (took the head out of the template) and then reattached it. The operation appears to have been successful, but we'll see.

For anyone else who has the joy of switching from old Blogger to new Blogger, make sure that you check out this link.

Thanks to several readers for their helpful input on (hopefully) resolving this problem.


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the option to comment before...just wanted to say I appreciate you immensely. Your site and are my two main stops for psychiatric politics everyday.

I look forward to making more informed comments in the future!

thanks again!

CL Psych said...

Thanks. I greatly appreciate the kind words.