Friday, March 16, 2007

Blog Props

Here's a handful of props to some good posts written in the recent past. Enjoy.

  • The Daubert challenge is dissected at the AHRP blog. Any time a legal challenge is based on "expert consensus" in a field, one should be afraid, since we all know that expert consensus tends to dovetail oh-so-nicely with the Big Pharma party line.
  • AHRP also slams what appears to be the overprescription of psych meds for children in foster care.
  • Philip Dawdy has taken the lead on pointing out that the great state of Montana is accusing Lilly of doing some pretty bad things in its promotion of Zyprexa.
  • Brandweek NRX notes that a Lilly spokesperson named Marni Lemons is attempting to make "lemonade" out of the Zyprexa situation (an apt analogy), and that she has proven her acting mettle in a venue outside of her professional role.
  • Health Care Renewal takes a couple of shots at the University of California system for poor use of resources as well as corruption.
  • The Great Beaver Controversy continues -- starting with John Mack, then moving to PharmaGiles and PharmaGossip (here and here).
  • Pharmalot indicates that the Supreme Court may review the practice of Big Pharma paying off generic manufacturers to not introduce generic competitors to the market. Back story here and here.
  • Seroxat Secrets raises some questions about Alastair Benbow and the Big Lies about Paxil/Seroxat.

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