Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peter Rost Jumps on J & J's Blogger Party

The good Dr. Peter Rost has commented on the J & J blogger event that I discussed yesterday. I agree with his take on what would happen if every J & J employee started "freely" blogging:
Here's the deal. If 120,000 employees each get a blog from their employer, that employer will know exactly what those 120,000 employees are saying. Does anyone think for a second that they will say aaaaaaaaaaanything critical? Of course not. Instead you'll have the Internet flooded with happy little messages about the company they work for.
Yep, couldn't agree more. Next up: Lilly opens up the Zyprexa Off-Label Blog and AstraZeneca starts the Seroquel Lawsuit Chatline. This will occur shortly after George Bush and Dick Cheney start the Weapons of Mass Destruction -- Lies R Us site.

I'm open to more ideas...

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