Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thank You Very Much!

While the full results from John Mack's Pharma Blogosphere Survey have yet to be released, he mentioned a few tidbits, one of which made my entire weekend:
CL Psych Blog: CL Psych Blog was rated as one of the TOP FIVE blogs in The Pharma Blogosphere in terms of readability, credibility, and usefulness. Not the highest in rank in any of those categories mind you, but right up there! Consequently, I have made it a point to check it out often.
My sincere thanks to all who voted in the survey. The positive feedback is much appreciated!


Monica Cassani said...

You're certainly in my top five. Let me think about it...I'd say you make the top three. And that's across all disciplines...not just pharma blogs!

Anonymous said...


CL Psych said...

Thanks -- very kind.