Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dawdy Podcast Now Available

You can now listen to the All in the Mind broadcast featuring Philip Dawdy as well as a Lilly spokesperson here. I only caught half of the broadcast yesterday. I'll save my full review of the broadcast until I've heard the full show, but I do feel comfortable saying the following...

The Lilly spokesperson deserves a large salary -- no, make that an enormous salary. His take of blaming mental illness for health problems, while giving Zyprexa a free pass, appears to be a significant detour from reality (1, 2, 3). To make the statements he made while sounding sincere -- well, that deserves applause. I doubt most people could pull off such a performance.

Most folks don't have time to run through the full text of a bunch of journal articles. Here's the quick way to briefly review the current research on the topic of Zyprexa and diabetes. Go to PubMed. Type in olanzapine and diabetes and then read the abstracts of the articles that emerge. Then tell me with a straight face that olanzapine is not related to health problems.

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